Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. What is AutoIDweb?

AutoIDweb is an insurance software product and service that helps the property & casualty insurance industry comply with state regulatory laws for automobile liability financial responsibility. AutoIDweb is licensed as a Web service and provides a complete solution for the production and distribution of Auto ID Cards. AutoIDweb can be integrated with Auto Liability Insurance Reporting (ALIR) systems, resulting in a comprehensive and auditable compliance solution. [Learn More]

Q. Does FergTech do compliance evaluations and reviews?

Yes, FergTech's consulting department has offerings that will review your current methods of compliance. Upon completion of the engagement, your firm will receive a comprehensive report with our evaluation of the compliance and efficiency of your existing and/or planned systems. Contact FergTech's consulting department for more information. Telephone (888) 627-7807.

Q. Where can I find the latest information about ACORD insurance forms?

FergTech, Inc. is a licensed ACORD forms distributor. AutoIDweb uses ACORD forms for all juristictions in which an ACORD form exists. You can access the ACORD forms website at:

Q. Does AutoIDweb software require special paper for printing?

No, however FergTech has created a Universal Auto ID Cardstock that can be used to print compliant Auto ID Cards for all states in the USA. This cardstock is 24lb. Letter Size (8.5" x 11") and includes perforations and the ACORD watermark. Each sheet of the Cardstock can produce three Auto ID Cards (see diagram of form layout). We recommend using this cardstock to produce professional two-sided ID Cards with AutoIDweb software. The use of a watermarked fraud-preventive paper, like our Universal Auto ID Cardstock, is required for printing ID Cards for the states of Delaware, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Jersey. The Universal Auto ID Cardstock (Form FTI-1000) is packaged in reams of 500 sheets with three (3) Auto ID Cards per sheet. The Univeral Auto ID Cardstock can be purchased from FergTech.  Our toll-free telephone number is (888) 627-7807. Pricing & Form Design

AutoIDweb can also produce single-sided Auto ID Cards where both the "front side" of the ID Card and the "back side" of the ID Card appear on the same side of a printed piece of paper. This feature is beneficial if you intend to fax an Auto ID Card to an Insured or email an ID Card to someone who doesn't have a two-sided (duplex) capable laser printer.

Q. What could be causing a printer jam with the AutoIDweb cardstock?

The AutoIDweb cardstock has perforations on it to make the Auto ID Cards easy to separate to their proper size. When the cardstock is shipped to you, the cardstock may settle and the perforations could "stick" together slightly. If your laser printer "feels" a hesitation when it tries to pull a piece of paper/cardstock fromn order to prevent the paper tray, it might cause it to display an error indicating "Paper Jam". This can be avoided by fanning the paper once from the top and once from the bottom of the paper. This should solve any paper jam problems related to the cardstock.

Q. Why is the form & data slighly misaligned/offset on my printed ID Cards?

The answer to this question assumes that you are trying to print double-sided Auto ID Cards and that you are trying to print to FergTech Universal Cardstock (perforated and watermarked) form # FTI-1000.

There are two factors that can cause the ID Cards to be askew:

1. AutoIDweb produces your Auto ID Cards using precision placement of text and graphics into an 8.5" x 11" (letter size) page-size PDF file. Upon opening and viewing your Auto ID Cards as a PDF file, you will print the cards onto perforated & watermarked cardstock (FTI-1000). Due to the fact that there are perforations in the cardstock, some of the text & graphics that are printed close to the perforated lines can overlap the perforation if the print scaling option is enabled. Therefore, it is important that the PDF file that your ID Cards are presented in is printed WITHOUT SCALING. Scaling can be disabled from the Print Dialog box of Acrobat Reader (or the Acrobat Reader browser plugin). The setting within the Print Dialog box is labeled a bit differently within the different versions of Adobe Acrobat (Reader). You can view our detailed instructions on how to disable page scaling at

2. Another factor that can cause misaligned print on the cardstock is printer margins. Most of the time this doesn't cause any problems. Most laser printers have a 1/4 inch margin along the edges (top, bottom, left, and right) of a page in which they cannot print. AutoIDweb is setup by default to take this offset into account and will print your ID Cards perfectly if your printer has a 1/4 inch margin. Some high-end printers are able to print closer to the edge of the page which will cause the placement of your ID Card to be slightly misaligned. This can be corrected by changing the horizontal and vertical offset settings in your AutoIDweb Firm Profile. Please contact FergTech support if you believe that your printer margin offsets need to be adjusted.

Q. Does AutoIDweb create Auto ID Cards for all states in the USA?

Yes, AutoIDweb produces Auto ID Cards that can be used for commercial lines and personal lines automobile insurance for all states in the USA. Currently AutoIDweb produces compliance documents only for vehicles registered in the USA. If your company has a specific form that it needs produced for compliance outside of the USA, please contact FergTech and we would be happy to consider the request.

Q. Does FergTech produce a guide of state compliance rules to which AutoIDweb adheres?

Yes, FergTech produces and maintains the AutoIDweb Compliance Guide which contains details of all state Auto ID Card compliance rules and regulations. Access to this document is provided to AutoIDweb customers.

Q. Where can I find out more about the data requirements and options for producing New York Auto ID Cards?

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) maintains a website that provides information about the Auto ID Cards required in New York. The NYSDMV website has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that answers many of the common questions about the data required on the Auto ID Cards. This document can be found at:

Q. Where can I obtain the required credentials in order to issue New York Auto ID Cards?

In order to obtain a New York Insurance ID Barcode Key, you will have to provide information to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) that proves you are an insurance professional licensed to do business in the State of New York. You can apply for your Key online at:

Q. Does AutoIDweb create/print the "new" California Uniform ID Card with barcode and signature?

Yes, AutoIDweb meets California (CA) regulations requiring the Uniform Insurance Card. Our implementation of the California Universal Insurance Card contains all required data and formatting elements including signature, OCR scanline, and PostNet barcode. This Auto ID Card is only currently required for CA Personal Lines vehicles.

Enterprise Edition:

Q. Where can I find the XML Schema used by AutoIDweb?

The FergTech current version of our schema is Version 3.0. A copy of this schema can be found on our website at

Q. Where can I find an technical architecture diagram of AutoIDweb?

There is a technical archictecture diagram on the FergTech website. Click here to view the diagram.

Q. Can AutoIDweb Enterprise Edition produce Auto ID Cards in batch mode?

Yes, AutoIDweb was designed to be able to work with policy administration systems and integrate with policy printing activities. The AutoIDweb XML schema was designed to support batch printing whereby thousands of Auto ID Cards can be produced from a single transaction with the Web service. AutoIDweb also has flexible file creation options. Depending on how you intend to integrate the completed Auto ID Cards into your printing activities, printing can be grouped by Insured, Policy #, or Vehicle. Numerous return file formats are supported including PDF, PCL, PostScript, and MetaCode.

Q. Can AutoIDweb be integrated into my company's Web portal?

Yes. AutoIDweb can be integrated with a Web portal in a number of different ways. Contact FergTech professional services to discuss your individual needs. For a demonstration of what AutoIDweb could look like on your Web portal, visit and try our AutoIDweb SelfServ hosted application.

Q. Can AutoIDweb be integrated with my Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting (ALIR) software?

Yes. AutoIDweb can be integrated with your ALIR software. AutoIDweb tracks new vehicle entries and modifications and can be used to supply and receive data to and from your ALIR software package. Our knowledgable consulting staff can provide solutions to streamline your ALIR challenges.

SelfServ Edition:

Q. Can I import data into AutoIDweb? If so, what file formats are supported for importing?

Yes, AutoIDweb supports the import of data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files (XLS). FergTech provides two templates for importing data to AutoIDweb. One template allows for complete data import including Insured, Policy, and Vehicle information. The second template allows for just vehicle schedule importing. This feature is especially helpful when using AutoIDweb to create Auto ID Cards for a large commercial fleet of vehicles. You can download the import templates from:

Q. What file formats are supported for importing my company logo?

AutoIDweb supports a variety of graphic file formats including BMP, EMF, WMF, GIF, and JPG. We recommend using a vector based file format like EMF or WMF. Vector based graphic files generally produce higher quality printed images than similarly sized raster (BMP, GIF, and JPG) files.

Q. Where do I input my New York issuer credentials (ID, Key, and PIN)?

AutoIDweb stores the New York Barcode ID information in the Firm Profile. Only your AutoIDweb Account Administrator has access to edit your Firm Profile settings. If you are the Administrator, you can access the Firm Profile from the "My Account" menu. When you edit your Firm Profile you will see three fields in the middle of the page where you will enter your New York Issuer ID, New York Issurer Key, and New York Issuer PIN. Once this information has been correctly entered, then the AutoIDweb software will permit you to print New York FS-20 and FH-1 Auto ID Cards. AutoIDweb software has been certified by the NYSDMV to issue compliant FS-20 and FH-1 Auto ID Cards.

Q. Why do I get an error when I try to print a New York Auto ID Card?

New York (NY) state requires that an encrypted two-dimentional barcode appear on Auto ID Cards issued for vehicles registered in NY. AutoIDweb creates FS-20 and FH-1 cards for New York. In order to create these cards using AutoIDweb, your firm administrator must first enter your firms Issuer ID, Issuer Key, and Issuer PIN to your Firm Profile.

If these data fields are not entered correctly, AutoIDweb will not be able to produce Auto ID Cards for New York State. You can obtain the necessary Issuer credentials from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV).

Valet Edition:

Q. What information/data do I need to submit when requesting an AutoIDweb Valet project?

A project submission will contain two completed forms/files:

1. Project Submission Form
2. Risk Data Worksheet

The Project Submission Form is used to provide the general directions and options for completing the project. The Risk Data Worksheet provides the specific Insurance Information about the risk. The AutoIDweb Valet staff will use the data provided in these two documents to complete your Auto ID Cards. The two documents above can be downloaded from the FergTech website.

Q. What is the turnaround time for an AutoIDweb Valet project?

Generally the turnaround time is 42 hours or less from complete data submission. Based on increased project size (ex: >20k vehicles) and/or complexity (ex: # of mailing locations), a project can take longer to complete.

Q. What are the delivery options for finished Auto ID Card printing projects?

FergTech offers USPS mail, overnight shipping (UPS & FedEx), and hand-delivery (within 50 miles of New York City). We can ship to the insurance company, agent/broker, or directly to the Insured. Depending on your distribution method, we offer shrinkwrapping of batches of ID Cards or individual envelopes for your finished Auto ID Cards.

Q. Can I have the AutoIDweb staff distribute enclosures (Ex: accident/claim instructions) along with the Auto ID Cards?

Yes, FergTech can distributed enclosures with your Auto ID Cards. We can insert customer-provided materials or design/print the enclosure(s) for you. Please contact our sales department for further details.