Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting (ALIR)

Auto Liability Insurance Reporting (ALIR) programs, or Electronic State Reporting programs, currently exist in 23 states in the USA. Numerous other states are having discussions or legislative hearings to weigh the feasibility of implementing ALIR. Data elements, frequency of submissions, and methods of electronic communication vary by program and state. The common thread running through all of the reporting programs is that they are in existance as a tool used to enforce compulsory automobile financial responsibility laws of the given state and most of the programs that exist are mandatory.

An important compliance task for insurance companies is determining if a type of vehicle, class of registration, or insurance policy type that it writes is required to be reported to a state's program. Once a policy or vehicle is determined to be included in the reporting requirements then the data has to be gathered, formatted properly and queued for transmission to the state agency. Further, an audit trail or log of the transactions taking place, both outbound and inbound, should be easy to obtain and should be actionable.

The FergTech staff specializes in automobile financial responsibility compliance laws of each state and has tailored our AutoIDweb software to work closely with available reporting systems.

AutoIDweb can capture all of the data needed to report to each state and keep audit trails of the reporting process, including any errors generated as part of the process.

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