AutoIDweb™ Enterprise Edition is a Web service that integrates with insurance systems and produces compliant regulatory documents and transactions for the automobile insurance industry. The Web service architecture fits perfectly with keeping companies up-to-date with constantly changing compliance rules. AutoIDweb Enterprise Edition reduces the costs associated with compliance while improving flexibility and efficiency of insurance policy administration.

At the heart of AutoIDweb is DynaForm™, our dynamic form generation technology that encapsulates compliance rules, data validation, formatting and layout. You provide raw XML data to DynaForm and you receive back fully compliant forms ready for printing and distribution.

"AutoIDweb allows us to produce ID cards from many disparate systems in a timely and cost effective manner. Using AutoIDweb, we've improved our customer service while reducing our programming and compliance costs"

Joseph McGurrin
Penn Lumbermens Ins. Co.

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AutoIDweb Enterprise Edition Architecture Diagram
 AutoIDweb Enterprise Edition Benefits
 Subscription based Web service reduces corporate compliance and programming expenditures
 Web service accessible from multiple systems - achieve Enterprise consistency from Call Centers, Agent Portals, and Mainframes (realtime & batch).
DynaForm™ technology encapsulates all compliance rules, formatting, validation, and document creation. This benefits our clients by freeing their staff from compliance monitoring, design, programming, testing, and certification.
Web service design means no sofware patches/updates
Sample AutoIDweb XML File
Sample XML